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Wine Cork Bath Mat

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Below I'll step you through making a wine cork bath mat. At the bottom of the post you'll find designs created by others for inspiration.

You will need the following materials. I have linked resources to purchase from Amazon as well as from my store for your convenience.

Wine Corks

Noslip Floor Mat

Gorilla Glue

1) First prepare the corks by boiling them in water. This makes them easier to cut and also cleans them.

2) Carefully, cut the corks in half with a sharp knife once the corks are dry.

3) Lay out the cut corks on your mat in your favorite pattern, be sure that everything is even and fits on the mat size you have selected. At the end of this post I have included several different designs others have created.

4) To secure the corks to the mat I recommend using a wood glue or a silicone based adhesive.

5) Once the adhesive is dry and the corks are secured firmly to the mat (check them by carefully lifting the mat on each cork, reapply glue as n. You will also need nonadhesive shelf liner that you will use to place the corks on and it will also prevent the mat from sliding on the floor as well as some adhesive (wood glue or a silicon based adhesive works best)

6) Trim off any excess shelf liner which sticks out from the mat and you are done!

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