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Beer Bottle Cap State Art

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

In this post I'll show you how to create some beautiful wall art upcycling some beer bottle caps and with a few supplies from the hardware store

1) Start by going to your local hardware store and grabbing some wood in the below dimensions. Most hardware stores will cut wood to the dimensions you need in case you don't have a saw laying around.

2) Glue the pieces of wood as showing in the photo. Gorilla glue works best

3) Next stain the wood using a foam brush and stain of your choice

4) Take a projector and project the shape you want to draw on the board you just stained after it has dryed

5) Start gluing on the caps with either Gorilla glue or hot glue

6) If you want to hang your creation from the wall, grab some hooks and secure them to the back.

Below are some additional designs for inspiration

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