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Beer Cap Flowers

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

In this post I'll show you how to upcycle old beer caps (craft brewery caps work best for this project) and turn them into beautiful flowers you can display in your garden or around your home. If you need extra beer caps (particularly craft ones then please check out my Etsy Shop.

1) You will need the following materials. You can use magnets to stick them on your fridge or rods to put in planters or around your garden.

2) Carefully bend the corks in half using pliers and a hard surface.

3) Depending on your design you can bend the caps in a variety of ways, below are some additional ideas.

4) Start assembling your design. Below are a couple of different ways

4A) Here is another design you could do as well

5) Finally assemble the rod in bag or magnets if you desire.

Below are a bunch of other dieas for inspiration on creating your own

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