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Bottle Cap Tea Candles

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

In this article I'll show you how to upcycle left over bottle caps into decorative tea candles for all occasions.

1) First assemble the following materials. You can use left over candles that have burned down or you can use crayons. If using crayons make sure you have removed the wrapper as shown.

2) Secure the wicks in the beer caps as shown below

3) In order to prevent a mess we will double boil the old candles or crayons in the tin can. Simply put the candles and or crayons into the tin and put into a pot filled with water such that the water goes a third of the way up the tin. I also recommend putting down aluminium foil as shown in the picture in order to make clean up easier.

4) Carefully fill the caps with the liquid until the liquid is at the brim of the cap

5) Enjoy!

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