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DIY Wine Cork Ball

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Below I'll step you through making a decorative Wine Cork ball recycled wine corks. At the bottom of the post you'll find designs created by others for inspiration.

You will need the following materials. I have linked resources to purchase from Amazon as well as from my store for your convenience.

Wine Corks

Gorilla Glue


Foam Ball

1) First paint the inside of the foam ball, because their will be gaps between the corks.

2) Stick a toothpick into the cork, apply glue and then stick it into the foam ball. Its easiest to do so holding the toothpick with a pliers as shown and pushing the cork on it. You may also find it easier to predrill the cork with a small hole if you are finding it difficult.

3) Start in the middle of the ball and glue the corks in a ring around the ball as shown below.

4) Continue gluing rings of corks around the ball until it is full

Below are some other designs created by people to help give you other ideas.

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