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Wine Cork Succulents

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Below I'll step you through making a wine cork succulent plant holders. At the bottom of the post you'll find designs created by others for inspiration.

You will need the following materials. I have linked resources to purchase from Amazon as well as from my store for your convenience.

Wine Corks


Gorilla Glue

1) First drill a hole that is slightly smaller in diameter than the diameter of the cork about three fourths of the total length of the cork. It is easier to drill a small pilot hole first and then use larger and larger drill bits until you get to your desired diameter.

2) Cut the succulents or pull small plants from a larger one with roots. If you cut a stem, be sure it is long enough to fit inside the hole you drilled in the cork. For better results consider dipping the cut portion into root stimulator power.

3) Place the stem into the cork and fill with soil. Use a tooth pick or kebab stick to help compact the soil.

Tips) Use moss to add a little extra touch of flair to your creation or tie them together to create center pieaces.

Below are some examples others have created

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