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Liquor Bottle DIY Soap Dispenser

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

In this post I'll show you how to make a soap dispenser from a left over beer or liquor bottle.

1) You'll need to gather the following materials. Be sure that the tube of the dispenser is long enough to reach the bottom of your bottle, if not cut it to length and ensure the top diameter matches that of your bottle diameter

2) To protect the label (if you want to keep it, otherwise it can be removed with nail polish) apply a thin layer of mod podge over the label on the bottle. This will help protect it from being damaged and stained by water around the faucet.

3) Fill with your favorite soap and you are ready to go. If you choose a bottle that doesn't have a screw top, you can use a cork a instead. Drill a hole in the cork, put the pump tube through the whole and glue it to the top. To fill with soap simply remove the cork. Below is an example with Patron bottle

Below are some other related designs for inspiration

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