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Wine Cork Flag Wall Art

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Below I'll step you through making a decorative American flag (or any flag of your choosing) using recycled wine corks. At the bottom of the post you'll find designs created by others for inspiration.

You will need the following materials. I have linked resources to purchase from Amazon as well as from my store for your convenience.

Wine Corks

Exacto Knife

Gorilla Glue



1) I recommend cutting the corks half, because you'll need less corks and they will be easier to glue them to your backing. You can also cut the short wise and take advantage of the red color red wins will naturally stain the corks

2) Lay the corks out on your backing to ensure that everything fits

3) Once everything fits paint the corks, and apply glue to the back of each cork and apply them to the backing board.

Below are some designs by others for inspiration

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