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Wine Cork Lamp Shade

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Below I'll step you through making a wine cork lamp shade. At the bottom of the post you'll find designs created by others for inspiration.

You will need the following materials. I have linked resources to purchase from Amazon as well as from my store for your convenience.

Wine Corks

Lamp Shades

Gorilla Glue

1) First acquire your lamp shade. I've linked several options from Amazon Here

2) Apply glue while firmly and carefully pressing them on the lamp shade. I recommend Gorilla glue because it tends to hold a little bit stronger than hot glue

3) Start at the bottom of the lamp shade and work your way to the top. Be sure that your design will fit on the dimensions you have chosen. If you let the corks overhang the dimensions of your shade it produces a cool visual affect.

Below are some designs that others have created. If you create something let me know and I"d love to share it.

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